restumpingCracked walls? Jammed doors? Squeaky floor boards?

Common in older homes is the need to reset floor levels through the process of reblocking or underpinning,  to strengthen foundations of your home and raise sunken or sloping floors. Offering both timber and concrete replacement stumps, Steve’s Home Improvements will have your home straight and safe in no time.

We service all areas of the inner and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne CBD, including Toorak, Malvern, Camberwell, Brunswick & Braybrook.

For homes that already have sufficient foundations, Steve’s Home Improvements also offer lifting and packing services to reinstate floor or wall levels, which can shift over time due to timber shrinkage, brick movement or soil shrinkage. Using state of the art hydraulic jacks to lift the floor and walls, structural packers are used to fill the gaps between the bearer and the stump.

Fully qualified and insured, Steve and his team can realign your home with minimum disruption to your family.